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BBA Aviation Aftermarket Services

BBA Aviation Aftermarket Services integrates the experience and expertise of some of the world’s top service companies – Dallas Airmotive, H+S Aviation, Premier Turbines, International Governor Services, International Turbine Service, Barrett Turbine Engine Company, Ontic and APPH – into a comprehensive, globe-spanning network that is dedicated to providing around-the-clock support no matter where you operate an aircraft.

BBA Aviation plc, a worldwide aviation services company based in London, England, began assembling this exceptional team in 1986 by acquiring APPH. It continued to grow in 1997 with the purchase of Dallas Airmotive. H+S Aviation and Airwork Corporation (now part of Dallas Airmotive), acquired in 1998, augmented the company’s reach and scope. Premier Turbines, added in 2003, rounded out core engine repair and overhaul capabilities and in 2006, Ontic was added to provide further support for legacy products. In 2008, International Turbine Service, a supplier of turbine engines, parts, components and accessories, and Barrett Turbine Engine Company, a specialty provider to the TFE731 market, joined and strengthened the ERO group.

Together, the BBA Aviation Aftermarket Services companies constitute one of the world’s leading engine repair, overhaul and support networks. For details on the history and capabilities of the remarkable companies that comprise BBA Aviation Aftermarket Services, please follow the links below. For additional information about our parent company, BBA Aviation, please visit

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